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  Session: Teaching Physics to the Liberal Arts Major
  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: Teaching Online vs. Teaching in-Class: Are They Really Similar?
  Meeting: 2012 Summer Meeting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Location: HH - Golkin
  Time: 10:10AM
  Author: Mike Mikhaiel, William Paterson University
201-787-6226, mikhaielm@wpunj.edu
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: Teaching in an online environment contains many of the same issues found in teaching in a traditional classroom. Teachers must know their content area and be able to adjust the curriculum to best meet the needs of their students. Over the past decade, technology has grown tremendously and has created new methods that can greatly enhance learning for students. This growth in technology made the teaching of an online physics class as efficient as traditional in-class physics. The two most important issues to consider in teaching in an online environment are communication and organization. Just like traditional classrooms, lesson plans are critical. Getting the message across to students is the ultimate goal. In this discussion, I am going to show the similarities between my online physics lecture and my traditional in-class lecture. Also, I am going to show how I conduct my online physics experiments and compare that with my traditional physics laboratory experiments.
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