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  Session: Teaching and Learning Physics in a Second Language
  Paper Type: Invited
  Title: Teaching Physics in a Foreign Language: Challenges and Opportunities
  Meeting: 2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA
  Location: N/A
  Time: 7:00PM
  Author: Marina Milner-Bolotin,, University of British Columbia,
1-604-822-4234, marina.milner-bolotin@ubc.ca
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: With the growing number of North American physics teachers for whom English is their second, third, or even fourth language, we often focus on the challenges they face in our classrooms. However, this disregards the fact that many North American students are also non-native English speakers. Moreover, teaching requires much more than mastering the language, such as cultural fluency and familiarity with local education system. How does that affect physics teaching? By focusing solely on these challenges, we forget that physics teachers who come from different countries also have significant advantages compared to their native counterparts. By “speaking” multiple languages and cultures, they can trace the history of international science curricula and terminology. They can also better relate to non-native English speaking students. In this presentation I focus on advantages of teaching physics in a foreign language that are often overlooked in teacher education programs and in the teaching practice.
  Footnotes: None
  Presentation: AAPT_SanDiego_2018_Milner-Bolotin_Invited.pdf

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