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  Session: Putting It All Together: Supporting Young Physics Learners
  Paper Type: Panel
  Title: Phun with Physics -- Graphing Motion with Toy Cars
  Meeting: 2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA
  Location: N/A
  Time: 3:50PM
  Author: David B. Warner,, Rancho Santa Fe School District,
858-472-1549, dwarner@rsf.k12.ca.us
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: Using battery-powered toy cars or carts and tracks with a PASCO motion sensor, middle school students can graph position and velocity graphs and make a physical connection with topics in their math classes. Most MS students are exposed to linear equations and some to quadratics, but don't make a physical connection to the mathematics until HS physics. However, they are perfectly capable of understanding these concepts when exposed to them in a fun way.
  Footnotes: Shane Wood QuarkNet National Staff tel 612-242-7386 email swood5@nd.edu
  Presentation: DAVID WARNER Phun With Physics.pdf

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