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  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: A High School Physics Curriculum on the Web: PhysicsLAB
  Meeting: 125th AAPT National Meeting: Boise, ID
  Location: Ada Hatch C
  Date: Wednesday, Aug. 7
  Time: 8:45AM
  Author: Catharine H. Colwell, Mainland H.S.
386-226-0300, colwell@mindspring.com
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: In September 1997, PhysicsLAB1 was inaugurated at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, Fla. PhysicsLAB is a comprehensive instructional site for high school physics programs ranging from conceptual physics through advanced placement. During March 2002, the site had 245,000 hits and 57,900 page views from Mainland students, along with users in 44 states and 49 countries. Although these statistics vary each month, they are steadily increasing. Delivered through ActiveClassroom's2 agenda, calendar, and outline page formats, Mainland students can access assigned activities within PhysicsLAB from any computer with Internet access. Alternatively, any teacher can easily search PhysicsLAB's curricular resources or locate content through the 21 instructional units delineated in its companion website, CurriculumGuide. Publicly accessible features include resource lessons; developmental, interactive worksheets; and labs. My discussion will include a general overview of implementing PhysicsLAB, as well as an analysis of student reaction data collected from end-of-year surveys administered for the grant.
  Footnotes: *Developed in conjunction with USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge grant #R303A970001.
1. See http://www.physicslab.org.
2. See http://www.activeclassroom.com.

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