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  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: A High-School Physics Curriculum on the Web: Mainland High School's PhysicsLAB
  Meeting: 120th AAPT National Meeting: Kissimmee, FL
  Location: N/A
  Date: Tuesday, January 18
  Time: 3:30PM
  Author: Catharine H. Colwell, Mainland H.S.
904-226-0355, chcolwel@mail.volusia.k12.fl.us
  Co-Author(s): Douglas K. Jackson, Joseph L. McClanahan
  Abstract: At Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, FL, all eight sections of our physics program are delivered via PhysicsLAB1. This Web-based project was initiated three years ago in conjunction with Mainland's receipt of a DOE Technology Challenge Grant2. Daily, students can access their class' Agenda Page from off-campus or from one of 13 classroom computers. This database-generated page allows them to track homework assignments, as well as view teacher-created labs, resource lessons, online quizzes, and worksheets. Alternative navigation of class curriculum is provided through a course outline and calendar. This year, new features include class chat and forum areas, Web-based classnotes generated using an electronic whiteboard, and real-time spot-checks for student comprehension. In addition to a general overview of the design and implementation of PhysicsLAB, my discussion will include an analysis of student reaction data collected from end-of-year surveys administered the first two years.

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