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2005 High School Photo Contest Winners

2005 High School Photo Contest Winners
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2005 AAPT Summer Meeting , Salt Lake City, UT

Each year, AAPT organizes a High School Physics Photo Contest. Physics students around the country are challenged to submit a photo illustrating a physics concept. The students are required to take the photo themselves and include a written summary of the physics occurring in the photo. The following photos were judged at the 2005 AAPT Summer Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.

Look for information about next year's contest in the Spring Announcer and online: http://www.aapt.org/Contests/photocontest.cfm.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size view of the image and a description of the physics demonstrated in the photograph.

New! A photo gallery featuring the top 100 entries from the 2005 Summer Meeting is now available to current AAPT members. View the top 100 photo gallery.

Natural Category

[22 KB]
Honorable Mention
Sarah Kalagvano
Clarkstown High School North
Teacher: Nancy Diamond
[19 KB]
First Place
Patricia Levi
Head Royce School
Teacher: Chris Harper
[13 KB]
Second Place
Vivian Quan
Herricks High School
Teacher: Mr. Brendan Curran
[19 KB]
Third Place
Grace Lu
The Walker School
Teacher: Sandra Rhoades
[18 KB]
Honorable Mention
James Kracum
New Trier High School
Teacher: Mr. Waechtler
[14 KB]
Honorable Mention
Rona Stephanopoulos
The Winsor School
Teacher: Denise Labieniec
[19 KB]
Honorable Mention
Todd Snyder
Viewpoint School
Teacher: Mrs. Argano-Rush

Contrived Category

[19 KB]
First Place
Rebekah Sokol
Albany Academy for Girls
Teacher: Ms. Lynda Blankenship
[18 KB]
Second Place
Olga Navros
North Carolina School of Science and Math
Teacher: Loren Winters
[18 KB]
Third Place
Lindsay Comodore
Manasquan High School
Teacher: Mr. James Freda
[18 KB]
Honorable Mention
Cody McQuay
Mesquite High School
Teacher: Marilyn Jones
[16 KB]
Honorable Mention
Sarah Emily Koczot
J.W. Robinson Secondary High
Teacher: Jill Mahoney
[15 KB]
Honorable Mention
Jeff Rzeszotarski
West Geauga High School
Teacher: Mrs. Natalie Cooper
[10 KB]
Honorable Mention
Jenna Langer
Redwood High School
Teacher: David Nash