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Acoustics Collection: Resources developed in coordination with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).

The following lessons utilize materials provided free to educators by the ASA in their Explore Sound Kit. Visit ExploreSound.org to learn more and to request your free kit.

Vibration Science Collection Cover

Vibration Science Collection

Mosquito Science Cover
Mosquito Science    
Build a model mosquito and make observations about the sound it makes and why it makes sound.

Sound Vibration Science Cover
Sound Vibration Science    
Observe the relationship between sound production and vibration, and the variables that influence frequency and pitch.

Sound Wave Science Cover
Sound Wave Science    
Make longitudinal and transverse waves and observe their characteristics of wavelength, frequency, and speed.

Body Sound Science Collection Cover

Body Sound Science Collection

Song Science Cover
Song Science    
Observe resonance by building and modifying a mechanical record player.

Voice Science Cover
Voice Science  
Analyze your voice using free smartphone apps, and observe changes in wavelength and amplitude.

Ear Science Cover
Ear Science   
Use online resources and posters to learn about how sound is observed by the human ear. Use a sound intensity meter (or a free smartphone app) to see how distance from sound affects how loud it sounds.


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