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2012 Annual Report
AAPT Section Representatives
Fifty-one local sections increase the impact of AAPT programs and resources.
AAPT Sections spread from Alaska and Canada to Puerto Rico. Some sections follow geopolitical boundaries, serving a
province, a state or a territory. Others may serve part of a state or areas as large as six combined states. AAPT members’ activity
in their local sections strengthens physics education. Sections provide an outstanding opportunity to interact and network with
other local physics educators. Acting together we are much stronger and have a bigger impact on physics education. Section
Representatives are AAPT members who are officers in the local section and, together with the Executive Board, they make up
the AAPT Council.
Alabama Section
Stanley Jones, Section Rep.
Alaska Section
James Pantaleone, Section Rep.
Alberta Section
Terry Singleton, Section Rep.
Appalachian Section
Gregory Puskar, Section Rep.
Arizona Section
Jane Jackson, Section Rep.
Todd R. Leif, Section Rep.
British Columbia Section
Marina Milner-Bolotin, Section
Central Pennsylvania Section
Lynn K. Aldrich, Section Rep.
Chesapeake Section
Craig M. Jensen, Section Rep.
Chicago Section
Martha Lietz, Section Rep.
Colorado-Wyoming Section
Vincent H. Kuo, Section Rep.
Florida Section
Jim Nelson, Section Rep.
Hawaii Section
James L. Redmond, Section Rep.
Idaho-Utah Section
Brian A. Pyper, Section Rep.
Illinois Section
Zak A. Knott, Section Rep.
Indiana Section
Elaine Gwinn, Section Rep.
Iowa Section
John W. Zwart, Section Rep.
Kentucky Section
Richard Gelderman, Section Rep.
Long Island Section
Tania Entwistle, Section Rep.
Louisiana Section
Rhett J. Allain, Section Rep.
Mexico Section
Genaro Zavala, Section Rep.
Michigan Section
Michael Faleski, Section Rep.
Minnesota Section
Leonardo Hsu, Section Rep.
Mississippi Section
James A. Dunne, Section Rep.
Missouri Section
James M. Borgwald, Section Rep.
Montana Section
Rich McFate, Section Rep.
Nebraska Section
Kendra Sibbernsen, Section Rep.
New England Section
David E. Sturm, Section Rep.
New Jersey Section
Joseph Spaccavento, Section Rep.
New York Section
John D. FitzGibbons, Section Rep.
North Carolina Section
Mario J. Belloni, Section Rep.
North Dakota Section
Donald L. Hoff, Section Rep.
Northern California-Nevada
Lee S. Trampleasure, Section Rep.
Ohio Section
Myra West, Section Rep.
Ontario Section
Tetyana Antimirova, Section Rep.
Oregon Section
Patrick S. Keefe, Section Rep.
Quebec Section
Chris Whittaker, Section Rep.
South Dakota Section
Joel D. Rauber, Section Rep.
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Ryan Batkie, Section Rep.
Southern Atlantic Coast
Bob Powell, Section Rep.
Southern California Section
Mary Elizabeth Mogge, Section Rep.
Southern Nevada Section
Janelle M. Bailey, Section Rep.
Southern Ohio Section
Kathleen A. Harper, Section Rep.
Southwestern Section
Alex F. Burr, Section Rep.
St. Louis Section
Gary E. Taylor Section Rep.
Tennessee Section
Spencer L. Buckner, Section Rep.
Texas Section
Thomas L. O’Kuma, Section Rep.
Washington Section
Robert Hobbs, Section Rep.
Western Pennsylvania Section
Dyan Jones, Section Rep.
Wisconsin Section
A. James Mallmann, Section Rep.
The biennial Physics Department Chairs Conference was held June 8-10, 2012 at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD. These conferences, co-sponsored by
the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society, have proven to be valuable to department chairs in bringing them up-to-date on trends in
physics research and education while providing an opportunity to meet and learn from other department chairs.
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