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Application for Mini Grant to Support AAPT Section Sponsored New High School Physics Teacher Worshop(s)

The criteria for selection for an AAPT Sponsored New High School Physics Teacher Workshop(s) Mini Grant includes:

  • Section's strategies to recruit teachers (minimum of 12 teachers needed).
  • Section's plans to communicate with the local schools,
  • Section's plans to engage teachers in their section activities,
  • Section's commitment to continue with future workshops and seek funding for those workshops.
Preference will be given to a section that can raise additional funds to support workshop(s) and provide at least two six-hour workshops.

Section Name:*
Proposed Workshop Date(s):*
Workshop(s) Location:*
Section Host:*
Section Contact:*
  (Can be any member of the section.)

The Section Contact can also be the host, but this is not necessary. The Section Contact will work with the PTRA leadership and the host to advertise the availability of the workshop(s), accept the teacher applications, send acceptance notes, and arrange for a site to host the workshop(s). This work is typically done via web site and e-mail. A PTRA will provide the instruction during the workshop(s).

Section Contact E-mail: *
Section Contact Address: *
Section Contact Phone(s): *
Section Host E-mail: *
Section Host Address: *
Section Host Phone(s): *
Proposed Workshop Topic: *
Describe section's strategies to recruit teachers:
(minimum of 12 teachers needed)
Describe section's plans to relate to the local schools:
Describe section's plans to engage teachers in their section activities:
Describe section's commitment to continue with future workshops:
(pending funding)
Describe section's matching funds

Proposed Itemized Budget
For New High School Physics Teacher Workshop
 Item   Amount   Source of funds 

This is a new endeavor to stengthen the cooperative efforts among AAPT, AAPT section and the ComPADRE & PTRA Program. As such we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Contact Janet Lane for more information.