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    A Potpourri of Physics Teaching Ideas

    A Potpourri of Physics Teaching Ideas

    Massive resource. Edited by Donna Berry Conner. From the pages of The Physics Teacher comes this collection of articles on apparatus and ideas for teaching physics. Articles concerning mechanics, fluids, and heat; electromagnetism; optics and waves; sound; toys; and others are reproduced. An additional 71 articles describe how to stow-it, do-it, make-it, show-it, and adapt-it. (363 pp.) Product Code OP - 57

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    How Things Work

    How Things Work

    Begining in 1983, Dick Crane told readers "How Things Work" in his monthly column in The Physics Teacher. In this collection of 70 of his column articles, Crane deals with topics from toys to spider webs, gasoline pumps to traffic lights. In doing so, he simplifies for us the complex physics principles of devices and phenomena found in everyday life. Many photographs and sketches are found throughout the book. (114 pp.) Product Code OP - 60

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    Safety in Physics Education

    Safety in Physics Education

    Edited by the AAPT Committee on Apparatus, Safety in Physics Education is intended to create an awareness of safety, to encourage safe habits, and to teach respect for potential safety hazards. This manual is intended for a broad audience in the physics teaching community. It can be used across the spectrum of experimental and demonstration activities -- from elementary to advanced undergraduate laboratories. (121 pp.) Product Code OP - 67

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