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    2014 AJP Theme Issue:The Intersection of Biology and Physics

    2014 AJP Theme Issue:The Intersection of Biology and Physics

    The fields of biology and physics have a long history of interconnection. This ePub version of the 2014 Theme Issue of American Journal of Physics is a call to biologists and physicists to explore this intersection, learn about the challenges and obstacles, and become excited about new areas of physics and physics education. ePub file will be emailed to you after purchase. You will need an eReader application on your computer or tablet to access the content in this publication.

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    Preconceptions in Mechanics

    Preconceptions in Mechanics

    Pre-school sale. Everyone saves $5. This second edition of Charles Camp and John J. Clement's book, Preconceptions in Mechanics: Lessons for Dealing with Students' Conceptual Difficulties, Second Edition, contains a set of 24 innovative lessons and laboratories in mechanics for high school physics classrooms that was developed by a team of teachers and science education researchers. Research has shown that certain student preconceptions conflict with current physical theories and seem to resist change when using traditional instructional techniques. This book provides a set of lessons that are aimed specifically at these particularly troublesome areas: Normal Forces, Friction, Newton's Third Law, Relative Motion, Gravity, Inertia, and Tension. The lessons can be used to supplement any course that includes mechanics. Each unit contains detailed step by step lesson plans, homework and test problems, as well as background information on common student misconceptions, an overall integrated teaching strategy, and key aspects of the targeted core concepts. This edition has a number of substantial changes based on teacher input. A number of the lessons are adaptable for college level courses as well. Evaluations using pre and post tests have shown large gain differences over control groups. Product Code OP - 72

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    Physics is Fun Tee Shirt  - M

    Physics is Fun Tee Shirt - M

    (Medium) Get your limited edition Einstein & Newton shirt before they are all gone! Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly to the AAPT Student Fund.

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