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Cache Properties

Expand the Site Properties/Settings section of the Site Administration Dashboard left panel and click Cache Properties to view or change default cache handling for this CommonSpot site.

CommonSpot also gives you options for handling stale cache – page content that expires due to global or page-specific updates, such as changes affecting page indexes.

You can choose whether and how to serve stale content at the site, template, or page level.

For example, instead of regenerating page indexes after every change, which can slow the display of pages to visitors, you can opt to regenerate them on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. To automatically rebuild stale cache on a scheduled basis, configure the Rebuild Stale Cache job at the server level.

Note: Unless you schedule this job, CommonSpot does not automatically rebuild stale cache.

These settings define the Controlled by Site option available at the page level through Properties - Cache/Static Settings. You can customize stale cache handling at the page or template level, by choosing Cache/Static Settings from the Properties menu in author mode. See the CommonSpot Content Contributor's Reference for details. Settings at the template level override site level settings, and page-level settings override template settings. See an overview of stale cache handling in Site Administration and a more detailed discussion in Stale Cache Handling.

This dialog displays the following fields:

These settings interact. Entering a time period for Keep Cache for Dynamic Content, sets the expiration for content that is dynamically generated for each page request. If you also set Maximum Time to Keep Stale Cache, that setting takes effect once dynamic content expires. Maintaining both settings at the site level is not recommended. Although you can enable Keep Cache for Dynamic Content at the site level, it is generally best used at the page or template level as an override to site-wide settings.

Sites running Static Content Generation have additional cache/static setting options.

Customize stale cache handling at the page or template level, by choosing Cache/Static Settings from the Properties menu in author mode,


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