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Manage Layouts

Access this dialog from Manage Elements by clicking the Layout link in the Description column for a specific Element. This dialog provides a convenient way to centrally view, add, or edit all layouts - display templates or render handlers - defined for a selected Element.

Click to sort by column head.:

Click Manage Categories to view or change current Element category assignments or to create new Element categories.

Click column heads to sort on locked/unlocked status, Name, Description, Type, Usage or State.

The Description field contains convenient links to Render Handlers and Display Templates defined for the Element.

Depending on Element type, the Actions column displays a set or subset of the following options. You can copy and delete .

The edit icon opens the layout control for editing

Does not display for CommonSpot factory layouts. Click to change Element state. "Deleting" suppresses rendering of existing instances and disallows new instances, but does not remove element data from the system. You can optionally reactivate "deleted" Elements.

Click Add Render Handler or Add Display Template to create a New Custom Element for your site.

Import Custom Element opens the Administrators Reference for Importing a Custom Element.


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