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Multimedia Players

Many media players can play both audio and video, others focus only on one media type or the other, and still others focus on single or multi-file playback. All have user interfaces tailored for the specific media type and source. CommonSpot provides a wide variety of player options for single- or multi-file playback for both local and externally hosted multimedia.

Access this dialog by clicking a link in the Players column in either External or Local Multimedia Services to view, add, activate/deactivate, delete, or edit settings for multimedia players used at your site.

For local multimedia playback, CommonSpot supports the players listed below.

Players are bound to player templates whose attributes you can show, hide, or make user-editable.

Brightcove players are bound to templates supplied by Brightcove and configured on the Brightcove site. These players are bound at the channel level, as shown below for Brightcove players.

For both local and externally hosted content, player attributes are derived from available player APIs. You can view details for each attribute on mouseover when you view or edit settings by clicking the player edit icon, or by reviewing descriptions for external APIs on the video sharing sites you use. This release does not support creating new players.

Click to sort by Name, Description, Source Type, or Active/Inactive status.

Name - The name assigned to this player in CommonSpot.

Description - An optional description.

Source Type - Whether this player is designed to play a single file or multiple files in a playlist.

Active - Whether this player is active and available for use in CommonSpot, or Inactive (grayed out) and unavailable. Click to activate/deactivate.

Default - This column displays for external services so that you can set a default player for single videos and playlists. Note that you need to set separate defaults for each.

Actions - Click the edit icon to view or change properties for this player. Remove individual items by clicking the associated delete icon for the player.

Click Add Player to make a new player available for the multimedia you publish.


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