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Static Site Definitions

CommonSpot uses the following Static Content Generation terms:

Dynamic Page - A page containing one or more Elements with content customized for a specific user or user request. Content of this type includes search results, members-only features, and random selections.

Static Server - A standard Web server that does not require ColdFusion or CommonSpot, and that serves HTML files generated by the CommonSpot Static Content Generation process. This server may be either a stand-alone HTTP server or a virtual HTTP instance running on the same machine as the dynamic server.

Dynamic Server - A web server running server-side scripting and using the ColdFusion server-side language to generate web content on various web pages, manage user sessions, and control workflow. Server responses vary according to the data returned in a posted HTML form, parameters in a URL, the type of browser being used, the passage of time, or a database or server state.

Static Page - A page served identically for all viewers, at least for a predictable or defined time period. For example, a page with a “Friday Special” element visible only on Fridays meets this definition of static, because the time frame is well defined.


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