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Browser Support

CommonSpot’s content management interface is entirely browser-based; there is no need to install or maintain client software. Pages are viewable from most standard browsers including Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla-based browsers.

You must use a supported Web browser to author in CommonSpot. For the most up-to-date requirements, see:

Authoring and approval functionality is nearly identical across browsers. There are differences that affect usage of the CommonSpot rich text editor (RTE).  For security reasons, both Mozilla-based browsers and Chrome disallow cut, copy, and paste operations unless you first configure the browser to explicitly grant access to the clipboard.  You can easily install add-ins to support clipboard functions in both browsers. In addition, CommonSpot allows administrators to decide which Paste Options are available to contributors. For configuration details, see Clipboard Operations.

NOTE: Limitations are both browser and version-specific. The latest version of Chrome does not support automatic download and installation of a clipboard helper for cut, copy, and paste operations in CommonSpot. For security reasons Firefox 17 ESR does not include programmatic clipboard access. These changes affect authoring in CommonSpot as follows:

Chrome: For Chrome support, search the Chrome store for the cs_paste_extension: Sites using an earlier version of the CommonSpot Chrome extension for authoring should replace it with the Chrome store version. Chrome changes limit clipboard operations to RTE toolbar options. Keyboard shortcuts no longer work and no longer invoke the Paste Options dialog during an authoring session. Clipboard functions are active after browser restart. To avoid the interruption this may cause, contributors using Chrome should download the extension in advance of using the clipboard for actual content creation and modification.

Important Note: Sites running IIS must first register the Chrome MIME type (and restart IIS) in order for this action to work.

Firefox: CommonSpot supports the ESR standard. For versions earlier than Firefox 17, see and support information at Because Firefox 17 ESR does not allow programmatic access to the clipboard, existing clipboard helpers will not work with this version of the browser, limiting CommonSpot support and Paste Options to the key commands CTRL-C, CTRL-X, and CTRL-V. The RTE buttons and menu options for Cut, Copy, and Paste are not available when using Firefox 17 ESR.

Safari on the Mac restricts cut-and-paste to right-click operations, affecting the RTE toolbar and keyboard shortcuts. The RTE toolbar options for cut, copy, and paste do not work in Safari. To use these options with the Paste Options dialog enabled, contributors on Mac machines can author using Firefox or Chrome (with the Chrome store paste extension). Mac/Safari users can author with clipboard options restricted to key commands, but will not have the benefit of invoking the Paste Options dialog.



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