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Reorder Elements

A Container Element can hold one or more additional Elements, including other containers, positioned vertically or horizontally. Reorder Elements includes drag-and-drop controls to set render order, as well as an option to create placeholders for Element insertion. This feature enables rich content presentation, allowing for structured layouts that support on-the-fly Element selection.

Note: This option only displays when scheduling is disabled.

Sites can customize plug-in options to an "allowable" set of Elements for placeholders or further customize presentation to contributors using the ct-render-element-in-container. See the Developer's Guide for details.

Click Reorder Elements to view or conveniently change positioning for Elements within a container or to create or remove placeholders. CommonSpot displays each Element within the selected Container, with status indicators and action options. Saving updates status, but changes are not applied until submit. This is useful for previewing changed layouts.

The first column indicates Element state:

The tool icon indicates a submitted or current Element.

Indicates an added Element.

Indicates a deleted Element.

Indicates a changed Element.

Indicates a moved Element.

The Element column displays Element name.

The Element Type column lists standard, custom, and Placeholder types. The Placeholder type is available for containers only.

In the Action column, clicking the insert icon first inserts a placeholder above the current Element.

Clicking the insert icon again inserts a placeholder below the current Element. You can use this feature to insert as many placeholders as needed.

Click and drag to reposition Elements. For IE, click and hold the Element title.

Click the delete icon to remove a placeholder. This option displays for placeholders only, not for other Elements. Use the standard delete option from individual Element dropdowns to remover other types from the Container.

The remove icon displays when you click the delete icon. You can restore from this point, as shown above. Clicking Save keeps your changes and sets status for deleted Placeholders to "deleted and saved in the database" in a WIP state , as shown for the first two placeholders above. Placeholders in this state- flagged for deletion, but not submitted - display in the Reorder Elements dialog but not on the page. Your changes are reported on the page as Work in Progress, as in this example.

Submitting the container or the page applies your changes. CommonSpot displays the Publishing Change dialog, and deleted items are removed from the container and the Reorder Elements dialog.



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