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About the Team
Team Photo   Bryan G. Chen
Centerville High School, Centerville, OH

I hang out with my friends, I have the pleasure of always losing in tennis to my little sister, and I try to put in my time with the video games. I also play violin and piano.


Science Olympiad, AIME and US National Chemistry Olympiad, Patterson Chemistry Competition and Member of 2002 U.S. Physics Team

I'm a Senior this year, with a relatively old age of 18. Born on Feb. 19, 1985, I think I started doing cool things in Sophomore year. That was the year I really started Science Olympiad, eventually culminating in being elected a Captain by my teammates. Things just sort of grew out of that. I discovered I actually learn pretty fast, (taking on much of differential and integral calculus in three days), and that I enjoy solving problems. Thus I finally qualified for the AIME and US National Chemistry Olympiad in junior year, and this year too. These sort of individual achievements are OK, but I really enjoy working on a team more. My hobbies and interests haven't changed too much since last year. That part of my 2002 Physics Team autobiography should be ok. It's still early in the year for me, still "hoping" time. Most of the big things I anticipate doing have either just passed, or haven't occurred yet. National Science Olympiad is coming up in early May, as is National Science Bowl, and I hope my team will do well at each of these. My excellent friends and I have qualified for these tournaments, and I hope to see / have seen some of you there by the time you read this. I hope that my school's JETS team, which placed 1st in Ohio in the TEAMS competition, places well nationally. I also hope that I've done well enough on the AIME to take the USAMO. I'm going to attend a university in the fall. I hope to know which one soon. I also hope to have a lot of fun with everyone at the camp. I'm usually a nice person. Although I am "quiet" at times. Thanks to all my teachers, friends and family. I really could not have done anything without you. You know who you are.