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About the Team
Team Photo   Xinpeng Huang
Lexington High School, Lexington, MA

I play the piano and read books. I also enjoy sports, such as basketball, badminton, swimming, and biking

Math Team, Chess and Poker Club

MAML) Olympiad, ARML, Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, AMC, and AIME

I am currently a junior at Lexington High School, Massachusetts. Ever since I was little, I had been very curious about the world around me and had a great interest in math and science. Starting in sixth grade, I attended MIT’s HSSP program and took many interesting courses there, including probability theory, advanced math, advanced biology, relativity, Java programming, computer graphics for video games, digital electronics, and reverse engineering. I took my first real college course, in astronomy, at Boston University when I was only 12 years old, right after seventh grade. That year, I participated in the Johns Hopkins University IAAY Talent Search, took the SAT I, and got a national award that was presented to students obtaining a very high score in math before age 13. Boston University also awarded me a 1-course (4-credit) scholarship. Although the university suggested that I take the college course using this scholarship after 11 grade, I decided to take an astronomy course immediately that summer. I liked the challenge and I was confident that I could do it well. As the only non-college student in a class with about twenty BU students, I finished top and got an A. This was an excellent experience that made me more confident when I faced other challenges later on. In the following year’s Talent Search, I got second place in Massachusetts and received another scholarship from BU. This time I took Calculus with college students and was the best student there as well, getting another A. When I was in eighth grade, I had exhausted the math curriculum at my middle school, so the school agreed to let me teach myself C++. When I entered ninth grade, I took the AP Computer Science AB Exam and got a 5. Last year, as a sophomore, I took AP Biology, Chemistry, and World History, and got straight 5’s on all of them. I was the only sophomore in five AP Chemistry classes full of juniors, and I was one of the top students in all these classes. This year, I am the only junior taking AP Physics and am one of the best students in that class as well. This year I am planning to take another four AP exams, including Physics B, Physics C, BC Calculus, and U.S. History. Aside from being one of the top students in my grade, I also participate in a wide range of math and science competitions. I am a member of the school’s math team and compete in a wide range of regional, state, and national competitions, including the Massachusetts Association of Math Leagues (MAML) Olympiad, ARML, Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, AMC, and AIME. I obtained excellent scores and received a lot of awards. I like science very much. I was a winner of the School, Regional, and State Science Fairs last year. This year, I have already cleared the School and Regional Fairs and will compete in the Massachusetts State Science Fair in the beginning of May at MIT. Also, I was a team member in the National Science Bowl (NSB) competition last year and the National Science Olympiad this year, after we had won first place at the State Science Olympiad. Last year, I also was a semifinalist in the Ashdown Chemistry Competition, a qualifying test for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad. Unfortunately, due to special circumstances, I could not participate in the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad at that time. This year, I am a finalist for the Physics Olympiad and a member of the U.S. Physics Team. In my free time I play the piano and read books. I attend various clubs and activities in school, such as chess and poker. I also enjoy sports, such as basketball, badminton, swimming, and biking.