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About the Team
Team Photo   Michael A. Maddox
Crystal Spring Uplands, Hillsborough, CA

I love to go to music concerts (I’m a KoRn fan) and do normal, everyday things with friends. My long-time hobby has been the study of languages, since 4th grade I’ve learned 5 languages with very high fluency. I have a passion for baseball. I'm on the varsity baseball team.


MathCounts, Stanford Mathematics Tournament and ARML

I am a sophomore at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough, CA. Some 15 years ago, through a fortuitous concourse of my parents' gametes when God was not looking, I snuck out into the world. Like everyone else on this team, I have found interest in the sciences. In particular, I have interest in semiconductor and condensed matter physics. On the mathy side of things, distribution theory and detection/estimation theory are peachy too. I have been taking various math and physics courses through Stanford since elementary school, but am otherwise self-taught. I will spare you the details and numerics. I prefer to go to MIT, though, and freeze during the winter rather than relaxing in the sun at Stanford. In the long run, I hope to stay at MIT through doctorate, and, if I behave myself, perhaps they will let me hang around for 50 years or so after I graduate as a professor. Outside of general geekery, I enjoy learning languages and playing baseball. A long-time hobby of mine has been the study of languages. I hope to be conversationally fluent in 20 or so languages before I expire. So far, after 15 years, I have five under my belt, which is a decent start. Unfortunately, the necessity of doing my high school homework comes in every now and then, pulling me from my pursuits. In light of this, I decided to truncate my high school experience by applying to college this fall instead of hanging around for another two years. Hopefully admissions committees actually read these bios. (i.e., Let me in! I'll be good, I promise.) In terms of sports, I am on the varsity baseball team at my school, and last year went to Omaha to watch the College World Series. This was a difficult point in my life, as I had to behave like a sports enthusiast rather than with my geeky albeit charming flare. It was fun, but I would not do it again, though, as tailgating Nebraskans are a little too extreme for my tastes. I hope to learn a lot during my time here on the team, as long as the non-stop fun of physics camp does not impede the learning process.