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About the Team
Team Photo   Peregrine R. Morgan
Epgy - Stanford University, Watertown, NY

I am fairly proficient with the violin but I play the piano solely for my pleasure.



I’ve spent most of my life in the countryside of northern New York, and there have received an education rather removed from normal. I began to home-school not long after completion of the second grade. Largely a result of this is my academic standing. By age twelve, I had completed most of my standard high-school education and enrolled in the EPGY program of Stanford University. Since that time, said program has been my source for mathematics and physics courses. I owe many great thanks to my EPGY tutors—most particularly to Dr. Gary Oas, my physics preceptor and a great friend. Music, however, is probably the only area of study that has been a constant throughout my life as I remember it. Though I appreciate most forms, classical is undoubtedly my favorite. The violin, at which I am fairly proficient, I have played in various competitive organizations and institutes. On the other hand, I play the piano solely for my pleasure. I cannot wait until the camp begins! Hopefully, I shall be able to make a good contribution to the team!