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About the Team
Team Photo   Emily R. Russell
Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT

My singing is the most important part of my life at Choate. I love nothing more than making music.

Festival Choir, Chamber Choir,

Member of 2002 U.S. Physics Team

I guess you could call me the most colourful person who doesn’t exist. All right, so the latter half of that statement needs immediate explanation. There’s a certain pattern-recognition card game known as SET. Well, I happen to rather like this game, and through long practice, have become pretty good at it – enough so that last summer I was proven not to exist based on the fact that it’s impossible to be that good at SET. So I’m just a figment of your imagination... or maybe it’s the other way around.... As for the colourful aspect of my personality, it’s a well-accepted fact that I’m the most visibly recognisable figure at Choate Rosemary Hall, where I am now a senior mere weeks from graduation. The brightness of my clothes, from hair-scarf to socks, catches the eye from across campus. If that leaves any doubt as to who I am, I can be further identified by my tendency to go barefoot and sing all the time. My singing is the most important part of my life at Choate. This is my fourth year singing in the festival choir as a soprano, and my third in the smaller chamber choir. Rehearsals for both these groups are often the highlight of my week – I love nothing more than making music. I also claim the distinction of last year founding Adiloi, the only high school choir in North America which sings Georgian music. No, you didn’t read that wrong, it’s “Georgian,” not “Gregorian.” Didn’t realise our sunny southern state had its own particular music? Don’t be confused – we sing the traditional music of the Republic of Georgia, a small country just south of Russia. It’s beautiful stuff, and a lot of fun to sing. Hmm, I suppose I’m supposed to say a little something about physics here... maybe it’s time for my favourite childhood story. I independently discovered Newton’s Law of Inertia when I was about two years old. One fine morning, I was riding happily along in my carseat, with a bagel on the tray in front of me. The car took a turn, and (predictably enough to any student of physics) the bagel flew off in the other direction. I reacted to this with much delight, laughing and shouting, “The bagel wanted to keep on going!” That was the first indication of what has now become a deep interest in physics, especially astronomy and the more exotic realms of cosmology and particle physics. Okay, that’s enough about me for now; I’ll let you read on about other people’s fascinating lives. TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!