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About the Team
Team Photo   Julie T. Wu
Manalapan High School, Englishtown, NJ

My other interests include tennis, reading, and cooking

Varsity Tennis Team, Junior Statesmen of America

Siemens Award , US National Chemistry Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, Columbia University Science Honors Program

I am a high school senior at Manalapan High School. For the past four years I was part of the Science and Engineering Learning Center, a magnet program which has been so helpful to my development in math and science. I am very grateful to the gifted teachers and rigorous courses that have allowed me to make the US Physics Team, an honor that I am still amazed to have gotten. I have also received the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement for the AP exams I have taken in math and science. Other awards include National Merit Scholar, 1st in New Jersey Science League for biology and physics, 2nd in Chemistry Nomenclature in the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics, 3rd for the US National Chemistry Olympiad qualifying exam, and 1st for biology and 3rd in chemistry in the National Science Olympiad. I have also attended the New Jersey Governor’s School of the Sciences and for the past three years have attended the Columbia University Science Honors Program. My other interests include tennis, reading, and cooking. I was co-captain of the varsity tennis team, treasurer of our school’s chapter of Junior Statesmen of America, and a section editor of the yearbook. Last summer, along with going to Governor’s School, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a research assistant at the Kandel laboratory at Columbia University. This experience was my first taste of actual research, and I found out I enjoyed it. I hope to continue work in research at Princeton University, where I will attend school next year.