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About the Team
Team Photo   Hetul H Patel
Charter School of Wilmington Delaware, Wilmington, DE

Ping pong, badminton, video games, science fiction and fantasy reading

Programming Club, Physics Club

Math League, Math League Press, AIME, Johns Hopkins Talent Search, Science Olympiad, Science Fair, JETS Engineering Competition

On April 26, 1989, I was born in Houston, Texas, a place of faint memories; I lived there for only three years before my family moved to Spain. Although I began my schooling in Spain, I was distracted by observing the beautiful scenery while hiking with families and friends on the mountains. So it was not until five years later, when I moved to Singapore, that my attraction to the sciences began to arise. My brother was the most influential in the development of my interests; aspiring to become a professor, he would drag me into his room, sometimes against my will, to instruct me in the finer points of calculus, chemistry, and physics. In this way, my interests grew, until I was hooked and sought out to uncover the mysteries of science by my own will. Late in the year 2000, my family moved to Delaware, where we currently reside. Here I have achieved the most in terms of furthering my knowledge. Perhaps it is because I am a strong proponent of learning whatever is possible, despite any opposition. One may wonder who or what would ever oppose the advancement of learning at this level; it is those nasty, nasty prerequisites, of course. Compared to some child prodigies, I was far behind in education, but I have managed to take advanced coursework in high school through the help of my family and much struggle to bypass the prerequisites. Whenever I can, I encourage fellow students to go out of their way to take the courses they want. Actually, I am pleased that my actions have helped at least one other student rightfully take an advanced course (abstract algebra, to be specific). I plan to continue this push for learning in college. On that note, although I am a junior, I will be leaving for college (I will most likely attend Caltech).