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About the Team
Team Photo   Arnav Tripathy
East Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill, NC

I play piano and do math

Math Team.

MOP, ARML, Mandelbrot, NSB

I was born on December 13, 1989 in Lansing, Michigan, but moved to Chapel Hill, NC at the age of three, obviously making me a Tar Heels fan. This would be a good point to note that UNC won the national championship on April 4, 2005, just in case anyone was in danger of forgetting. Also that Duke yet again failed to advance past the sweet 16. This year, I’m a junior at East Chapel Hill High School. I play a good deal of classical music for the piano; I won a couple of local competitions, and I gave a solo recital on March 4, 2005, which included the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue by Bach, the Liszt b minor Sonata, and the Prokofieff Toccata. It was pretty exciting. I also like mathematics; this semester, I’m not actually taking any math classes due in part to scheduling issues, but I plan to take graduate-level geometry, topology, measure theory, and complex analysis next year at UNC. I’m also fairly involved in extracurricular mathematics; for example, I’m going to take the USAMO in about 3 hours. In the interest of preserving my bragging rights, over the course of this year and last year, I have gotten fourth (I think?) at ARML, gone to MOP, won Duke University Math Meet, placed second at HMMT (and more importantly, participated in the all-powerful team Quagga), aced the AMC, won the Mandelbrot, and gone to the National Science Bowl. Wait, that last one wasn’t math. Oh well. Anyway, this was my second year taking the USAPhO exams, but I didn’t really know anything last year (approximately one semester of physics, so I didn’t know any of the E&M or modern stuff). Apparently reading Halliday & Resnick this year was enough to make it here, which is good. Eventually, I will probably be going to Harvard or MIT (leaning towards Harvard), where I will major in math and something else, where the something else is yet to be determined.