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About the Team
Team Photo   Otis A Chodosh
Oklahoma School of Sci & Math, Oklahoma City, OK

Ultimate Frisbee; Backpacking/Mountaineering; Fencing; Ice Hockey.


AP Scholar with Distinction Caltech Signature Award Siemens Award for Advanced Placement TEAM+S captain, team ranked 1st in division in JV and currently awaiting results for this year Varsity Competition USA Computer Olympiad Gold Division Competitor

I was born in Houston, TX, and have lived in Miami, FL and Memphis, TN, before moving to Oklahoma. I have lived in Oklahoma for about 11 years. I have a 14-year-old sister who is interested in music and writing (not physics). I am currently a senior at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM), a rigorous two-year boarding school. My first introduction to physics was OSSM introductory physics course, which I took the first semester of my junior year. After taking Mechanics and E&M the next semester (completing my schools required physics curriculum), I realized that I really enjoyed physics and wanted to continue my physics education. This year, I have taken/am taking physics electives including: Modern Physics, Thermal Physics, and Electronic Circuits. Additionally, I am involved in physics research with one of the teachers at my school, Dr. Johnston (my Physics Olympiad mentor). We are modeling ionization of hydrogen atoms with various physical methods in hope of applying our results to muon-catalyzed fusion ticking problem (the muons tend to remain bound to the alpha particles resulting from the fusions. With their short lifetimes, the method is not energetically viable, as the muons cannot catalyze enough reactions to offset the energy required to create them). In addition to physics, I am interested in math and computer science. Before coming to OSSM, I was an ice hockey goaltender, took karate, and fenced. I am currently trying to finalize my college plans, deciding between Stanford and Yale. After finishing college, I think that I would like to pursue a career in academia/research. I am really excited about this opportunity to meet some incredibly smart people and strengthen my own knowledge.