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About the Team
Team Photo   ZeNan L Chang
Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

Movies, violin, eating new foods, sports (basketball, tennis…)

Science Bowl Team, Orchestra, Math Circle, Quiz Bowl, Circle of Friends

USABO Gold Medal, IBO Gold Medal. AMC, AIME, USAMO. USAPO.

I’ll still be 17 when I meet you all. Save three years in West Los Angeles, I have lived most of my happy life in Santa Monica. I enjoy all sorts of entertainment, not limited to the hobbies stated above. Still, one of my favorite activities is going on adventures in Taiwanese night markets and tasting the different variations of popular dishes.

I became interested in science during my sophomore year at Santa Monica High School, and with the help of my biology teacher Mr. Ingo Gaida, began developing that interest. After completing my school’s biology and chemistry classes, I took physics last year. Because our school only teaches mechanics, I decided to spend a period a day last semester in Mr. Gaida’s secluded back room reading about electromagnetism. I am fascinated by how an electromagnetic wave is light, and how it has momentum. I also enjoy finding connections between physics and material I previously learned in biology and chemistry (like MRI). Now, I hope coming to the US Physics Team training camp can give more structure to my improvised understanding of physics.