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About the Team
Team Photo   Men Young Lee
Thomas Jefferson HSST, Alexandria, VA

go, books

math, physics, and computer science organizations, tj's computer systems lab admin.

gold medal at ipho '05, amc/aime/usamo, and usaco gold div.

I was born in Seoul, Korea in '88, and my childhood isn't particularly interesting except for being a moderately bright child. Life gets more interesting in March '00 when I move to the United States, originally just because of my father's job but then pretty soon to stay for good. As is the case with many middle-school children, my experience with math/physics-y stuff starts with Mathcounts, which was interesting. Then high school started, and generally I was involved with doing these various math (and computer) contests such as the usamo. Sometime in my sophomore year, I found out about this physics olympiad business, and I guess I was pretty happy with being a semifinalist without having sat in a single day of physics class which happened the next (junior) year. Before the junior year, I spent the summer at the Ross maths program where I acquired a love for number theory and algebra, along with a very clear bias for platonism. I was invited to be part of the team last year, and around this time of that last year, for a couple of months there was much drama and angst having to do with the entire story of the various issues and whatnot involved with the physics team/olympiad which I am not prepared to discuss here, but when the dust finally settled and all was done and said, I came away with a nice gold medal from the ipho, and a very interesting experience as a whole. This year, my life has been consumed by a couple of little research projects, one involving prolog and language, another with groups and games, along with generally spending a lot of time at my school's computer systems lab doing lots of little things. Now that I've cooked up this little biography, I'm going back to making a little headway in _Read to Reality_ (my current preoccupation), a really good physics book that starts out talking about pythagoras' theorem.