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2010 Summer Meeting

2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, 2010
Portland, Oregon

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Piaget Beyond "Piaget"
  Location: Cramer Hall 203
  Date: Saturday, Jul.17
  Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  Price: Member: $105.00
Nonmember: $130.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Teacher Preparation
  Co-Sponsor(s): Committee on Physics in Pre-High School Education
  Leader(s): Dewey Dykstra,
  Co-Leader(s): None
  Description While early work of the Swiss Genetic Epistemologist, Jean Piaget, and co-workers in Geneva on developmental stages of reasoning was being shared in the 1970s in physics education, Piaget and his co-workers were advancing understanding of the origins and development of human understanding of the world. They explain how, why, and under what circumstances human understanding changes. Piaget's evidence collection methods became the origins of physics education research (PER) in student conceptions. The PbP workshop will explore the implications of Piaget's theory of cognitive equilibration for student learning and new teaching practices in physics applicable to all levels. This workshop is a companion to the original AAPT workshop, Physics Teaching and the Development of Reasoning (PTDR). Participants will receive the PbP manual, a book including the PTDR and boxed lunch as part of the fee.
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