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2010 Summer Meeting

2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, 2010
Portland, Oregon

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Research-Based Curricula and Computer Supported Tools to Revitalize Your Introductory Course
  Location: Vernier Software and Technology
  Date: Saturday, Jul.17
  Time: 9:00 am - 4:15 pm
  Price: Member: $50.00
Nonmember: $85.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Research in Physics Education
  Co-Sponsor(s): Committee on Educational Technologies
  Leader(s): David Sokoloff,
  Co-Leader(s): Priscilla Laws, Dickinson College Ronald Thornton, Tufts University
  Description This hands-on workshop is designed for those who want to introduce active learning and computer tools into their introductory courses. We will introduce new approaches to teaching based on physics education research (PER) in lectures, labs, and recitations as well as studio and workshop environments. Among the approaches presented will be Interactive Lecture Demonstrations (ILDs), Web-Based ILDs, RealTime Physics Labs, Activity Based Tutorials, Collaborative Problem-Solving Tutorials, Live Photo Assignments and Workshop Physics, as well as analytic modeling and video analysis tools. The computer tools used are available for both Macintosh and Windows computers. Results of studies on the effectiveness of these teaching strategies will also be presented. Current versions of the curricula, along with the book Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite by E.F. Redish will be distributed. Partially supported by the National Science Foundation. This off-site workshop will be held at Vernier Software and Technology. You will need to take Portland's TriMet Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) 2 blocks from the Hilton hotel, which will drop you off directly behind Vernier Software Technology (a 25 minute ride).
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