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2010 Summer Meeting

2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, 2010
Portland, Oregon

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Constructing Knowledge and Skills in Introductory Laboratories
  Location: Science Building 2 - 161
  Date: Saturday, Jul.17
  Time: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  Price: Member: $60.00
Nonmember: $85.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Research in Physics Education
  Co-Sponsor(s): Committee on International Physics Education
  Leader(s): Paul van Kampen,
  Co-Leader(s): None
  Description We have restructured the first year undergraduate physics labs, which caters for three hundred non-physics students. The labs were designed to be an enjoyable experience in which students see science as a process of inquiry and develop scientific skills such as hypothesis testing, control of variables, interpreting and drawing conclusions from their own experimental data, and carrying out quasi-independent investigations. Conceptual difficulties are clarified based on experimental results. The first labs are quite prescriptive and are conducted within a framework of guided inquiry, but the amount of autonomy is increased rapidly as students acquire skills and experience. Online pre-tests along with weekly surveys highlight students' attainment, attitudes, experiences and conceptual development. Feedback and pre-test/post-test comparison consistently show that the labs have been transformed into an enjoyable environment where deep learning takes place. In this workshop, we will give participants a flavor of the laboratories and the tutor training elements.
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