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2010 Summer Meeting

2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, 2010
Portland, Oregon

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Commercial Workshops w/Abstracts

Date: Monday, July 19


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Explore Sonography with 3B Scientific
  Location: Salon Ballroom III
  Date: Monday, July 19
  Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Sponsor: American 3B
  Leader(s): Jessics Norica
  Co-Leader(s): Johannes Recht
  Description: Medical practitioners rely on the principles of sonography when performing all types of ultrasonic procedures. In this workshop, we will use ultrasonic equipment to determine the speed of sound propagated by longitudinal and transverse waves in solids. Longitudinal sound waves are determined by the elastic module of the solid when transverse waves are determined by the shear modulus of the solid. Therefore, the elastic constant of the solid can be determined by measuring the speed of the two wave types. After the demonstration, participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and perform the experiment. Experiment guides and manuals will be available for all participants. The 3B Scientific Ultrasonic Echoscope and accessories will be utilized to perform the experiment
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