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Date: Monday, August 01


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Science Education in Road Safety Education
  Location: KFC Courts
  Date: Monday, Aug.01
  Time: 8:45PM - 9:30PM
  Author: Marisa Michelini
Research Unit in Physics Education, University of Udine, Italy
  Co-Author(s): Alessandra Mossenta, Alberto Stefanel, Laura Tamburini
  Abstract: Physics in context fulfills the training and motivation task for a basic science education as a citizenship right. We therefore faced the challenge of designing curriculum materials for primary and junior high school teachers for an action-research project aimed at road safety education. Starting from motion and relative motions, with a conceptual grounding of the role of the frame of reference, trajectory and kinematics vectors, in a bi- and tri-dimensional space of the real environment, and its two-dimensional representation on a road map, we proposed an analysis of the safety distance, based on human reaction time and dynamic parameters of the motion on the road, such as momentum and sliding and rolling friction. Cameras and motion sensors, tape timer and paper and pencil games or trials on the track accompanied the planning of teachers, who through microsteps of experimentation proposed a more detailed analysis of the physics of collisions and the involved energy, of the rigid body motion and of the conservation of angular momentum. We proposed the curriculum and the teacher training model as an example of educational innovation development based on inquiry learning regarding physics in context, made possible by institutional collaboration.
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