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Date: Monday, August 01


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Approaches to Address Persistent Misconceptions about Electric Current Among In-service teachers
  Location: KFC Courts
  Date: Monday, Aug.01
  Time: 8:00PM - 8:45PM
  Author: Jung Sook Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
  Co-Author(s): Jung Bog Kim
  Abstract: This paper explores the development of a tutorial emphasizing movement of charges, and analyzing the changes from teachers during implementing the tutorial. We did preliminary research to determine the elementary teachers’ specific difficulties and misconceptions about electrical currents. In the results from the data, we developed a tutorial and implemented it for in-service teachers. Multiple-choice questionnaires on the concept were given before the tutorial and after completing the tutorial, multiple-choice questionnaires were given again. To better observe some of the specific changes teachers make, all activities of the tutorial were recorded and transcribed. When the educators understood the characteristics of conductors and insulators, they were able to explain friction, induction, and the movement of charges at contact points. This ended the confusion between electric charge and current. These tutorials played an important role in correcting the idea that voltage is the same as current. By emphasizing the interaction of charges in a closed circuit, the teachers understood that current was not consumed but remained constant. Also, the tutorials corrected the misconception that the battery produces constant current in all situations; instead, the teachers began thinking in terms of the movement of charges through a battery in a series and a parallel circuit. Supported by SENS (Science Education for the Next Society), BK21
  Footnotes: None
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