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2010 Winter Meeting

2010 AAPT Winter Meeting
February 13-17, 2010
Washington, DC

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Ranking Tasks in Astronomy
  Date: Sunday, Feb.14
  Time: 8-11:45
  Price: Member: $35.00
Nonmember: $60.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Space Science and Astronomy
  Co-Sponsor(s): None
  Leader(s): Kevin Lee,
  Co-Leader(s): Edward E. Prather, University of Arizona
  Description Ranking tasks are a powerful example of curricular materials for promoting active engagement. A ranking task provides the learner with a series of pictures or diagrams that describe several variations of a basic physical situation. The student is then asked to make a comparative judgment and rank the various situations based on some criteria. These novel and intellectually challenging tasks effectively probe student understanding at a deep conceptual level. This workshop focuses on two libraries of ranking tasks for use in introductory astronomy at either the college or high school level: 1) pencil-and-paper versions appropriate for group work in the classroom, and 2) computerized versions that contain extensive randomization and feedback. Participants will work through several ranking tasks and then discuss implementation in their own classrooms. Participants will be asked to download software and install it on a laptop which they will bring to the workshop.
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