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2010 Winter Meeting

2010 AAPT Winter Meeting
February 13-17, 2010
Washington, DC

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Date: Monday, Feb. 15


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Optics With Lights & Color: Bright Ideas
  Location: Nathan Hale
  Date: Monday, Feb. 15
  Time: 10:45 AM - 12:33 PM
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Sponsor: CPO Science
  Leader(s): Erik Benton
  Co-Leader(s): N/A
  Description: CPO Science's new Optics with Light & Color kit comes with LED flashlights, a laser, convex and concave lenses, a prism, diffraction grating glasses, polarizing filters, and more. Mix colors of light, learn about human vision, measure angles of reflection and refraction, create interference patterns, calculate wavelengths of light, and experience total internal reflection with a laser and prism. We'll touch on current technological applications of these topics as we use hands-on equipment to study the time honored properties of optics, light, and color in new ways.
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