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2010 Winter Meeting

2010 AAPT Winter Meeting
February 13-17, 2010
Washington, DC

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Commercial Workshops w/Abstracts

Date: Friday, February 16


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* CW04:

Physics2000 Workshop
  Location: Balcony D
  Date: Tuesday, Feb. 16
  Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Leader(s): Elisha Higgins
  Co-Leader(s): N/A
  Description: Come to the popular Physics2000 workshop where we show you how to teach special relativity in the first week of an introductory physics course, and then how to fit 20th and 21st century physics into your course. We also show you how to introduce Fourier analysis using the free MacScope audio oscilloscope program (that works on Macs and Windows), ending up with an intuitive explanation of the time-energy form of the uncertainty principle. This approach is followed in the new non-calculus version of the Physics2000 text, as well as the calculus version that we introduced in January 2000.
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* CW01:

And You Thought It Was About Homework: The way you imagined teaching could be.
  Location: Washington 3
  Date: Tuesday, Feb. 16
  Time: 12:33 PM - 1:30 PM
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Sponsor: WebAssign
  Leader(s): John Risley
  Co-Leader(s): N/A
  Description: Help your students learn with WebAssign. Find out what's new. WebAssign, the premier independent online homework, quizzing, and testing system, is proud to debut our new program designed to support your laboratory needs. This workshop will include an overview of WebAssign, teaching you how to access and assign questions from all major physics and astronomy textbooks, or write your own. You'll learn more about new assignable simulations, assignable examples with content specific hints and feedback, more online components and tutorials-all specific to your textbook. Give partial credit with conditional weighting. Assign practice questions. Give group assignments. Select questions for your assignments knowing how difficult each question is and how many students have tried it before. We will then introduce you to WebAssignLabs, our innovative approach to help you prepare your students for the lab experience, collect their lab data, analysis, and reports--all using WebAssign. WebAssign novices and WebAssign experts (and all those in-between) will learn something new and exciting in this workshop. Over 3 million students have successfully used WebAssign. Find out why.
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