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  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: Phylm /'film/ n. [physics + film]
  Meeting: 127th AAPT National Meeting: Madison, WI
  Location: Ballroom A
  Date: Wednesday, Aug. 6
  Time: 2:45PM
  Author: David Colarusso, Lexington H.S.
781-861-2320 ext. 3050, colarusso@post.harvard.edu
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: The growing accessibility of tools for the production of multimedia-rich curricula makes it possible for every instructor and student to become a producer.1, 2 Taking advantage of this, instructors have an opportunity to direct student learning away from "plug-and-chug" methods of problem solving. I have developed a "Phylm" unit to do this. This presentation will show how to easily implement such a unit. Students take ANY piece of video footage, real world or fictional, and add their own analysis of the physics presented--answering questions sparked by their viewing. They interrogate the video for data, develop a method for arriving at solutions, and repackage the original footage into a final product which serves to communicate their findings. Final products consist of the original footage overlaid with any combination of narration and pictorial commentary, including student-produced animations and visualizations of abstract concepts. These products can be made available in multiple media formats.
  Footnotes: 1. Implementations discussed will make use of Apple's iMove software in conjunction with Macromedia Flash MX for output to Apple's Quicktime file format. 2. See http://www.phylm.org

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