TPT 50th Anniversity book - page 13

Kathleen Harper about grading problem-
solving process skills (p. 424) will help me
revamp how I grade AP problem sets. But in
addition to the articles about demonstrations
and pedagogy that have always graced the pages
, there are some great newer features
like “WebSights” and “YouTube Physics,” which
didn’t exist (for obvious reasons) when I started
teaching in 1990. Dan MacIsaac and Diane
Riendeau do a great job of searching the web,
polling colleagues, and sharing great ideas from
the Internet. And even though I have been
teaching longer than my students have been
alive, I get great advice from Patricia Blanton’s
column, “For the New Teacher.”
Despite the fact that the entire catalog of
articles is available and searchable online, I still
love having my paper copies from 1989-2013.
They take up an entire shelf in my office, neatly
organized by year in clear plastic magazine
holders. I recently inherited my dad’s collection
s from the ’70s and ’80s. I know it isn’t
the traditional type of memorabilia from a
parent, but I look forward to curling up in
the recliner, flipping through his old
and remembering my dad and all the AAPT
meetings we shared together, from London,
Ontario, to the University of Maryland, Orlando,
Orono, Spokane, Chicago, and especially his
alma mater, Notre Dame.
Sir Lawrence Bragg
The History of X-Ray Analysis
October 1965 – Volume 3, Issue 7, p. 395
Richard P. Feynman
The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences
March 1964 – Volume 2, Issue 3, p. 111
Symmetry in Physical Laws
April 1966 – Volume 4, Issue 4, p. 161
What Is Science?
September 1969 – Volume 7, Issue 6, p. 313
Walter H. Brattain
Genesis of the Transistor
March 1968 – Volume 6, Issue 3, p. 109
Leon Lederman
Neutrino Physics
January 1968 – Volume 6, Issue 1, p. 13
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Atom
January 1982 – Volume 20, Issue 1, p. 15
Physics First?
January 2005 – Volume 43, Issue 1, p. 6
Articles and Editorials by Nobel Laureates
Robert A. Millikan
The Opportunity of the Physics Teacher
September 1965 – Volume 3, Issue 7, p. 295
Glenn T. Seaborg
The Need for Physics Training in a World of Change
February 1960 – Volume 7, Issue 2, p. 74
The Expanding Role of the Atom in the Humanities
November 1970 – Volume 8, Issue 8, p. 422
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