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physical phenomena.
Mary Beth Monroe
recently retired physics professor and chair
of the department of physical science at
Southwest Texas Junior College, is AAPT’s
current President-Elect. Mary Beth’s service
to AAPT is extensive. She has served as AAPT
Secretary and on numerous AAPT committees
at all levels.
Carl Mungan
, physics professor
at the U.S. Naval Academy, is a member of
editorial board. Go to his “Browsing
the Journals” column on the APS Forum on
Education website to learn of interesting
articles in
and other journals.
, Distinguished Service Professor at the
State University of New York, was
editor with Cliff Swartz for over 10 years. His
current interests include international efforts
to eliminate nuclear weapons. To this end he
serves on U.S. arms control delegations in
Geneva and at the United Nations.
, chair of the board of the European
Physical Society’s Education Division, is
a frequent contributor to
and one of
AAPT’s most active international members.
His creativity shines through in his innovative
experiments, pedagogy, and captivating
presentations to groups of all ages, all over the
Diane Riendeau
not only serves AAPT
as a committee and Executive Board member,
but she has also been recognized by the
American Association for the Advancement
of Science as a high school teacher who has
contributed significantly to the AAAS goal of
advancing science education by “developing
an innovative and demonstrably effective
classroom strategy, activity, or program.”
Thomas Rossing
, former AAPT President, has
almost single-handedly brought acoustics back
to the forefront of science education. Author of
over 400 publications, he is currently visiting
professor of music at Stanford University.
Chuck Stone
is an active member of AAPT,
serving on committees and as section
representative. He has received recognition
of his efforts to promote diversity on the
Colorado School of Mines campus.
, retired professor of physics
at the State University of New York at Stony
Brook, served as AAPT Executive Officer from
1972 to 1982. During his career, he was also
director of various programs at the American
Institute of Physics, the National Science
Foundation, and the National Science Teachers
There is much more to be said about all of
these individuals; I just wanted to give you
a glimpse. Please enjoy their remarks and
J.W. Buchta, 1963-1966
Clifford E. Swartz, 1967-1985
Donald F. Kirwan, 1985-1989
Clifford E. Swartz, 1989-2000
Karl C. Mamola, 2000-2013
Gary D. White, 2013 (effective Aug. 1)
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