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July 26–30, 2014
Welcome to Minneapolis
The 2014 Summer Meeting celebrates the fun of physics and physics teaching.
The University of Minnesota will be a great on-campus venue, with workshops
and sessions being held in university buildings. The 2014 Summer Meeting
is a time to meet with old friends and make new ones. I hope that you’ve also
scheduled some time to attend some great pre- and post-meeting events. In
addition to the PTRA pre-conference, there is a Friday July 25th tour to the
Soudan and NOVA neutrino detectors. The post-meeting PERC starts the
afternoon of Wednesday, July 30th and runs through Thursday. Also, after the
close of paper sessions Wednesday afternoon, there is a Mall of America Tour
and a Zooniverse classroom demonstration event.
At the meeting there are great plenary and award talks. Monday will feature the teaching awards and
Distinguished Service Citations and the introduction of the AAPT Fellows program. The Zitzewitz
Award will be given to Bradford Hill. Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood will receive the Halliday and
Resnick Award. Jim Kakalios, Monday’s plenary speaker, is the author of
The Physics of Superheroes
The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics.
Tuesday will feature the Klopsteg Award given to
Donald Olson and the APS Plenary sponsored by the Division of Particles and Fields. Talks this year
by Roger Rusack, Lucy Fortson, and Dan Cronin-Hennessy will be about the LHC, dark energy, and
neutrinos, respectively. Eugenia Etkina will receive the Millikan Medal on Wednesday.
Special events begin Sunday with the evening Opening Reception. Monday is the High School Teach-
ers’ Day and the schedule is packed with events and sessions of particular interest to high school
teachers. Also on Monday are the First Timers Gathering, Early Career Professionals Speed Network-
ing, and the Melba Toast. The semi-annual Fun Run/Walk, Trolley Tour of Minneapolis, Demo show,
and Pub Crawl will be held Tuesday.
With poster sessions, approximately 45 workshops, 70 paper sessions, and 11 Topical Discussions,
there is something of interest for everyone. I encourage you to attend one or more of the 18 area com-
mittee meetings, which are open to all. Don’t forget to stop by the exhibit hall to thank our exhibitors
and view their wares—and for “second breakfast.”
Summer Meeting 2014 should be a great meeting. I hope that you experience the fun of physics and
physics teaching.
Mary Mogge
Program Chair 2014 Summer Meeting – Minneapolis
President Elect, American Association of Physics Teachers
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