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January 4–7, 2014
Klinger Educational
Products Corp.
Booth #206
112-19 14th Road
College Point, NY 11356
Klinger Educational will be exhibiting the
LEYBOLD X-ray machine and Tomography
module. Both now have an available lock-
ing, storage drawer that fits directly under
the main units. Also featured is the HD
upgrade for the Goniometer, enabling a 10X
higher resolution achieved through nar-
rower apertures and software. An Electron
Diffraction tube will be on display as well as
a Franck-Hertz Ne experiment.
Modus Medical
Booth #211
1570 North Routledge Park
London, ONT, Canada N6H 5L6
“DeskCAT™” is an interactive Multi-slice
Optical CT Scanner designed for educators
requiring a safe and hands-on approach to
teaching medical imaging in the classroom.
DeskCAT™ performs real-time acquisi-
tion, reconstruction, and display of 3D CT
images and comes complete with phantoms,
18 hours of lab exercises and an unlimited
software license.
OpenStax College
Booth #302
6100 Main Street, MS-375
Houston, TX 77005
OpenStax College is a nonprofit organization
committed to improving student access to
quality learning materials. An initiative of
Rice University and made possible through
the generous support of philanthropic
foundations, OpenStax College provides free
textbooks, developed and peer-reviewed
by educators to ensure they are readable,
accurate and meet the scope and sequence
requirements of your course.
PASCO scientific
Booth #300
10101 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
Drop by our Booth to see how PASCO
Capstone software can revolutionize how
you do labs. We will also demonstrate the
new powerful 850 Universal Interface which
works with all types of PASCO sensors (both
the blue PASPORT and the black Science-
Workshop sensors). See our new advanced
physics lab apparatus (Photoelectric Effect,
Booth #307
1 Lake Street
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
As the leading learning company in physics
and astronomy, with trusted and tested con-
tent and the most widely used and proven
physics homework, tutorial and assessment
system available, our goal is to partner with
instructors, authors, and students to create
innovative content and tools to improve
student achievement.
Perimeter Institute for
Theoretical Physics
Booth #306
31 Caroline Street N.
Waterloo, ONT Canada N2I 2Y5
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Phys-
ics is an independent, non-profit charity,
research institute whose mission is to make
breakthroughs in our understanding of our
universe and the forces that govern it. Such
breakthroughs drive advances across the
sciences and the development of transforma-
tive new technologies. Located in Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada, Perimeter also provides a
wide array of research, training and educa-
tional outreach activities to nurture scientific
talent and share the importance of discovery
and innovation.
Booth #311
790 Boylston Street, #22F
Boston, MA 02199
Plot.ly is a free online tool for importing,
analyzing, graphing, and sharing data.
Plot.ly makes fits for your data, and runs
filters, integrations, stats, and custom func-
tions. Editing together is delightful, and
so is making and sharing beautiful graphs.
Plot.ly also has a popular Chrome App,
especially useful for Chromebooks.
Sapling Learning
Booth #303
211 East 7th Street, 4th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
Created and supported by educators,
Sapling Learning’s instructional online
homework drives student success and saves
educators time.
Society of Physics
Booth #202
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
The Society of Physics Students (SPS), along
with Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics
honor society, are chapter based organiza-
tions housed within the American Institute
of Physics. SPS strives to serve all physics
students and their mentors with a chapter in
nearly every physics program in the country
and several international chapters. Sigma
Pi Sigma, with over 80,000 historical mem-
bers, recognizes high achievement among
outstanding students and physics profes-
sionals. SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma programs
demonstrate a long term commitment to
service both within the physics community
and throughout society as a whole through
outreach and public engagement. Partner-
ships with AIP member societies introduce
SPS student members to the professional
culture of physics and convey the impor-
tance of participation in a professional
society. SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma support
scholarships, research awards, physics
project awards, outreach/service awards
for undergraduate students and a Summer
Science Research Clearinghouse, where
thousands of summer research positions are
listed (
TeachSpin, Inc.
Booth #200
2495 Main St., Suite 409
Buffalo, NY 14214
TeachSpin, at Booth 200, will feature
Torsional Oscillator, UltraSonics, and Noise
Fundamentals, instruments that can be
used at a variety of levels. Come see a SPAD
in action-that’s a Single Photon Avalanche
Device-then use the Pulse Counter/Interval
Timer to prove, statistically, that these are
indeed random events.
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