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January 4–7, 2014
Early Career
Discuss career goals and challenges with one colleague for five minutes…
…and then move on to the next.
Sunday, Jan. 5, 12:30–2 p.m.
Salon 10
Melba Newell Phillips Medal
Endowment Campaign
The AAPT Awards Committee expresses deep gratitude to all the
donors who have responded so generously to our initiative to fully
endow the Melba Newell Phillips Medal. To date we have raised over
$17,000, more than half of the target amount of $30,000 (half of the
estimated amount for full endowment). We have plans for a collection
of articles on women in physics to be published next year in memory of
Melba Phillips, the proceeds of which will support the campaign. We
are planning a “Melba Toast” release event for the collection at SM14.
Here in Orlando, our traditional Run/Walk will also be a fundraiser for
the medal endowment, so please join us at noon on Monday in the hotel
lobby and run or walk for Melba!
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