Guide to AAPT Email List Participation

Steps to participating in an AAPT List:


Set your e-mail preferences.

Read and post messages.

This can be done in one of three ways:

Change e-mail address or password

  • Sign up. To join a mailing list, send a blank email to: (where listname is app-l, cet-l, etc.)
    or click on the corresponding link on the AAPT Email Lists page. Note: Your e-mail application spam filter should be set to allow messages from and/or *
  • Regular e-mail: When you subscribe to a list, by default you will receive an e-mail each time someone posts to the list. If you wish to reset this setting after changing it, send an email to with the message, "set listname mail".
  • E-mail digest: This option allows you to receive only one e-mail each day with all of that day's messages included in it. To subscribe to the digest, send an e-mail to with the message, "set listname digest".
  • No e-mail: You can elect to subscribe to the list without receiving any e-mail from it. This will allow you to read messages with your web browser (see below), and you will still be allowed to post e-mail messages to the group. To activate this option, send an e-mail to with the message, "set listname nomail".
  • Via e-mail: You will receive emails in your inbox, and can read and respond as desired. New messages should be sent to
  • Via the World Wide Web: Type in your web browser to access the mail list user’s login page. Login with username and password, and select the desired list (in blue) under forum name. The currently selected e-mail list will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the page. To send a message to the e-mail list, click the "Create New Message" button. This option is especially useful if you are away from your own computer or you don't have e-mail access but you need to participate in the list's discussion.
  • To change your e-mail address: Send an email to with the message, "set listname email=new-email-address". For example, if you are currently subscribed to phystalk with the address and want to be subscribed as you would send the command: set phystalk
  • To set/change your password
  • To set your password: You can set your password with the pw=password command. For instance, if you do not currently have a password, to set it on the phytalk list to be hamburger: set phystalk pw=hamburger

  • To change your password, you must first specify your current password with oldpw=password.
    For example, if your current password on the phystalk list is flower and you want to change it to hamburger, you would write: set phystalk oldpw=flower pw=hamburger.

    Including a password in an email message is inherently insecure. If you are concerned about password security, do not use email commands that require a login command. As an alternative, password changes can be accomplished by requesting a password reset email from the system, just go to the web login page mentioned above and click the "Email Password" button after entering an incorrect password.

A note about posting messages

To post to the list via e-mail, send your e-mail to This will distribute your message to every active member of the list. When you are replying to a post, hitting the reply button will send your reply to everyone. If you would like to reply only to the author of the message, remember to start a new message with the author's email in the To: field.

In general, AAPT lists adhere to the standard rules of "netiquette." General rules can be found in many locations on the Internet. Specifically, a good introduction to list etiquette is Arlene Rinaldi's The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette.