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Custom Elements and Objects

Using CommonSpot Custom Elements, administrators at every level can define unique content objects to meet the information architecture needs of a site. Non-technical administrators create simple or complex content objects through the same series of interfaces used to create Simple Form Elements. New Custom Elements become part of the set of CommonSpot Elements available in the Element Gallery.  See Elements and Custom Elements.

Custom Elements are containers for data.  By themselves, they do not specify any display format aside from a built-in name-value pair format.

The rendered output for a Custom Element is defined in one or more Display Templates associated with the Custom Element or through custom Render Handlers.

Display Templates only contain formatting HTML and data associated with a Custom Element instance.  CommonSpot controls output formatting for these data field values through Field Render Masks.

The combination of Custom Element, Display Template, and Field Masks creates a powerful toolkit for developers and non-technical administrators alike to extend CommonSpot, and provides an easy-to-use interface for site content contributors.

For more information on Custom Elements, Display Templates, and Field Masks see Custom Elements


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