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Directory Structures within CommonSpot

Upon installation using the default installation parameters, CommonSpot’s application source modules are copied into the /commonspot directory under the root Web server document directory (for example, /inetpub/wwwroot/commonspot).  As a ColdFusion application, CommonSpot is made up of a number of CFM script modules.  The /commonspot directory and all subdirectories constitute the CommonSpot application.  Besides a few specific source module files and sample files, all files are encrypted and should not be altered as per the license agreement.  See the CommonSpot Developer’s Guide for details on customizing CommonSpot modules.

For each top-level site and subsite created in CommonSpot, a new directory is created.  The directory name corresponds to the name given for the site.  CommonSpot creates additional subdirectories under the main site directory to hold and manage various types of content.  The various directories are outlined below.  For example, a Human Resources (HR) site created as the top-level site, would be contained under the logical /HR directory, and physically located as a subdirectory under the root document directory of the Web server (/inetpub/wwwroot/HR).  You also have the option of creating top-level root sites mapped to the root of the Web server.

For more information on creating a top-level root site, see the Sites and Subsites Overview.


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