Assigning Classes to Individual Elements

To allow contributors with Style privileges to select a particular class for CommonSpot Elements or Element subcomponents, first register the class, then assign it as an available option for the appropriate Element or Element subcomponent. See Elements & Forms.

This process consists of the following steps:

  1. Add a class with the desired style rules to a .CSS file.
  2. Save the .CSS file in your site's /style/ subdirectory.
  3. Register individual classes the Manage Style Definitions dialog.
  4. Assign each class to the Element and/or subcomponent types through the Manage Element Component Styles and Element Component Style Options dialogs. You can also register new classes through this dialog.
  5. Add the .CSS file to the style sheet set using the Page Style Sheets and Style Sheets dialogs.

Once you create style associations, content contributors with Style privileges can select classes for specific Elements and/or subcomponents through the associated Element Style dialog, accessed by clicking the Element Tool and choosing Style.


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