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Bypassing Approval Levels

Fast-paced environments sometimes require groups or individuals to bypass one or more levels of approval. The need to publish time-sensitive information can justify skipping organizational processes that would delay the release of content for hours or even days. For example, in a workflow where technical review is the higher level and copy editor is the lowest level of approver, the copy editor group may also have permission to bypass technical review to correct spelling errors without recycling content to the technical team before publishing.

CommonSpot includes a bypass feature that gives selected roles the authority to skip the standard approval process in cases where expedient publishing is necessary. In a simple two-step approval process with "preliminary" and "final" approvers, you can configure the "final" approver to bypass the "preliminary" approver. In a more advanced configuration, a "publishing" level might allow web publishers to bypass editing, but not legal review. Earlier or lower levels in the approval process cannot bypass later or higher levels - for example, "preliminary approvers" cannot bypass "final approvers."


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