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CommonSpot Error Logs

CommonSpot logs yyyymmdd[sitename].errors.log to the /commonspot/logs directory. This log collects site-specific page-generation errors and includes a stack trace of modules called and processed at error time. (For information on other log files, see Site and CommonSpot Log Files.)

Expand the Utilities panel of the Site Administration dashboard and click Error Logs to view a link list of the 50 most recent error logs generated for this site. Use this dialog to quickly and conveniently access important information from the latest logs.

Clicking a link in the Log File column or the preview icon in the Actions column launches a viewer for retrieving error information.Content is organized by error frequency, with options to show/hide details. You can also use this dialog to download complete log files for review. For files greater than 10MB, only the download option is available.

To open this dialog or download log files, you must have Site Maintenance permissions.

Click to sort by column head.

Date - Displays the log report date in yyyy-mm-dd format.

Log File - Click an item in this column to view a detailed CommonSpot Log Summary for the date displayed.

Last Modified - Displays the date the log file was last updated.

Size - Displays the file size for the complete log file in bytes.

In the Actions column, click the preview icon to see a summary of the CommonSpot error log file, or click the download icon to save a local copy of the complete log file for review. Note that these files can become very large. For files greater than 10MB only the download option is available.

Click the delete icon to remove log files from the server.


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