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Creating Custom Metadata Forms

Create a custom metadata form at the site level through the following steps:

  1. From the Site Administration Dashboard for the desired top-level site, expand the Elements & Forms left panel and click Metadata Forms. The Metadata Forms dialog displays a hierarchical list of existing metadata forms.
  2. Click Add Metadata Form in the lower left-hand corner of the Metadata Forms dialog, as shown below.

  1. After the Add Metadata Form dialog displays, enter a name for the new metadata form and specify if data entered in this form, when bound to a template, propagates to pages derived from that template. Check to allow data inheritance from this Metadata form. Leave unchecked to prevent this data from propagating through any template bindings. See Add Metadata Form for more information on completing this dialog.
  2. Click Save to continue form creation, or Cancel to exit. Clicking Save displays the Edit Metadata Form dialog for creating fields associated with your form.


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