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Delete User

To delete a user, click the associated delete icon in User Administration. To preserve a "paper trail" CommonSpot disallows permanent deletion of users or groups with current (for example, approval required) or past activity in the system. These users are "marked for deletion" and can be "undeleted" in User Administration. See the Deleted User description in User Administration.

Note that once a user is marked for deletion, profile information is unavailable for editing.

If you try to delete an active user, as shown below, CommonSpot prompts you to reassign tasks to a new user, to ensure content integrity and role continuity, before removing login rights.

Click the here link to view current user contribution summary information or click Select User to assign the selected user's permissions, page ownerships, and any work-in-progress to another CommonSpot member.

The Reassign Ownership dialog displays.

Note: Reassigning ownership does not automatically recreate the group memberships of the deleted user. If there is a mismatch between new and old user memberships, CommonSpot displays the following:

Click Yes to complete reassignment. Optionally add this user to the old user's groups.

You can permanently delete users cleared of all assignments and ownerships.

Click Delete Permanently to remove this user from CommonSpot or Close to exit without deleting. Deleted users cannot be recovered. The user is automatically deleted from any group in which he/she was a member.


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